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2020 - 06 - 08
COVID-19 Safety

PROM has always aimed to craft engaging stories efficiently and effectively, and while we navigate these unprecedented times, our core mission has not shifted. With this pandemic, there is a new reality facing the world of film production, and we’re ready and prepared to change with it. 

The health and safety of our employees, clients, and their families is our highest priority. We continue to closely monitor developments surrounding COVID-19, and guidance will be updated based on current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, local municipalities and film industry experts (i.e. AICP, film unions).

COVID-Safe Production Approach
Below are steps PROM has taken to ensure a safe environment on set in cities that have reopened for filming.

We  limit the number of people on our sets to essential crew members only, whether that means staggering call times, having an extra prep day or simply scaling down the size of the crew. We maintain proper social distancing guidelines for the duration of the shoot, positioning all crew and talent six feet apart.  

Safety Gear and Sanitization
Everyone on set is equipped with face masks and gloves. The number of people who handle certain materials and/or equipment is limited. Equipment used are sanitized adequately prior to arriving on location and upon departing the location, as well as between uses.

Remote Client Monitoring/Feedback
To keep as few personnel on set as possible, it is recommended for the agency and client to tune in remotely via a wireless streaming system to provide feedback during filming. This system enables anyone who logs in to view a feed directly from the camera. This process will be facilitated by a producer to ensure that there are no technical issues and that all feedback is received.

Post Production
We have the ability to execute and manage post production remotely, sending cuts online, as well as live-streaming edit sessions so that our clients can continue to supervise in real-time. We have an expansive network of editors, animators, colorists, and sound engineers who are fully equipped with remote work stations.

As we prepare and look forward to a time when we can be less than 6 feet apart again, we are adapting to the new normal and are ready as always to create.

Stay safe, stay connected and be well,